Tips & Tricks To Remove Dirt Stains Off Your Wall

In a home with toddlers and kids, the walls are stained with crayons, paints, dirty hands and whatnot! Although it’s a great joy to see the little ones explore and enjoy, it can be stressful to remove those stains effectively. We at Dream Homes Painting have seen a fair share of stained walls in our line of work as professional painters. We want to share some Do-It-Yourself tips that we professionals use to get rid of dirt stains on the wall.


Tips & Tricks to remove dirt stains off your wall


Before you start cleaning, it is crucial to prepare especially in a house with kids. So that would involve, moving stuff away from the painted wall, laying down sheets to absorb any drip liquids. Best to avoid plastic tarps as they could become slippery when they have liquid on them. That is how we painters in Melbourne begin our prep work.


Next, is to get your gear on! Bring together all the necessary cleaning supplies and tools, so you don’t have to walk in and out of the room. Supplies like sponges, washing dusters, cleaning cloths, buckets – a minimum of 2, should be good to start. Then, protect your hands with suitable gripping rubber gloves and some equipment to reach the wall’s full length like a step stool or an indoor ladder.


If you think this is a bit too much for you to handle on your own. You can always hire a painter for a small painting contract.


However, let’s get on with the DIY tips!:)


Here is our suggestion to make an effective cleaning solution at home:

–       Add one teaspoon of your liquid dish detergent to warm water.

–       To that, add some apple cider vinegar or white vinegar about a quarter teaspoon.

–       Apply this solution on the stains and let them sit for 10 min, before blotting.

–       Alternately, you could use a soap solution instead of dish detergent for superficial stains.

–       Rinse with clean water and blot the surface until its dry.


Next, to tackle different kinds of stains!




There are wall erasers to remove crayon stains. If you don’t have it handy try the following:

  • Use non-gel-based toothpaste to rub on the stains.
  • Then, use a pencil eraser to rub on it in a circular motion.
  • Use wet wipes, or baby wipes to wipe the marks
  • Finally, take a damp sponge, sprinkle some baking soda on it, and scrub the crayon marks thoroughly.


Permanent Marker


Well, the name says permanent, but you could always try to get it off! Use some rubbing alcohol with cotton to dab on the marker stains repeatedly. Hope it works!


If the walls have a small stain area, you could give it a good old try! In case you have mildew and other deep and dense stains, a single coat of paint could help you a lot. Professional painters in Melbourne like us will prep the mildewed surface and ensure there is no more dampness. You can always hire painting contractors like Dream Homes Painting to get a quick painting job done. Or if you think it’s an excellent time to revamp the interiors, we can do that too. Give us a call on 0411 833 521 for a FREE consultation and estimate.

We’ll get those stains without a fuss! Talk to us.

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