Things You Need To Know When Painting a House

Has it already been a few years since you painted your house? It’s probably time for a new coat of interior and exterior paint to spruce up the look and protect the surface. You probably need professional painting contractors to do the job, or if you have the time, energy and don’t mind paint stains and fumes, you could give it a try yourself. Either way, there are certain aspects to house painting that you should keep in mind.

Things you need to know when painting a house

Here are few tips on getting the house exterior painting and interior painting done for your home in Melbourne


  1. Make sure the wall you intend to paint is cleaned and prepped.

When was the last time you washed your house exterior? You probably haven’t done it in years, which is okay, as seasonal rain takes care of it. However, before you start on the exterior painting in Melbourne, it is best to clean the surface of dirt, dust and grime. A new coat of paint will not stick effectively when the surface is dirty. If you plan on hiring professionals, ensure pressure washing the exterior is part of the prep process.


  1. Don’t take on house painting when the weather is extreme.

Exterior house painting in Melbourne needs conducive weather to get a high quality, even finish and improves paint adhesion. When the weather is too cold, the paint will take a long time to dry, and you will not get an even finish, and when the weather is too hot, bubbles might form which again leads to a lousy quality finish. Consult with your paint suppliers, or talk to professional painting companies, who’ll suggest a good time to get the exterior house painting done.


  1. Latex paints usage for interior painting in Melbourne

Latex paints are water-based paints and possess great benefits which makes them ideal for painting interior brick houses. Their color-retention capacity is excellent; they dry fast and are environment-friendly. All of these makes latex paints a superb choice for indoor walls, especially in the kitchen, laundry or bathrooms due to their moisture withstanding properties. Lastly, and most importantly, they don’t give out foul odors like oil paints. You will thank us for this tip!


  1. Use primer for interior wall painting

Not all paints need primer; they have them mixed when they are manufactured. When you purchase your paint supplies, make sure you ask whether the primer is mixed already or not. Adding a coat of primer on your walls covers up stains, and colors and improves the absorption and adherence of paint to the surface.


These are some of the essential tips to start things you need to know when painting a house. For a novice, Interior painting your home in Melbourne could be a doable task. Still, when it comes to painting the exterior surfaces, there is a clear advantage in hiring professional painters to do the job.


For one, there is a safety issue. Painting the ceiling, using ladders and scaffolding, requires training and experience, which the professionals bring to the job. Plus, hiring registered painting contractors, licensed and insured to work at heights, knows their craft and can use a good weather window time to finish the exterior painting for a Melbourne house much more quickly and effectively.


With many years of experience in the painting industry, Dream Homes Painting & Decorating are professionals who will ensure that the work completed will stand the test of time for many years to come. Our painters in Melbourne will work according to your needs, ensuring the job is completed within the required time frame. To learn more or request a FREE quote for our residential painting services in Melbourne, call us today on 0411 833 521.


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