How to Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

A low-cost, high-impact renovating option is painting your exteriors by professional house painters in Melbourne! Investing in the supplies, and professional labour, you can transform the way your home looks and even feels. It’s almost like getting a new home!!

Not just a pretty makeover, exterior house painting protects your investment on your house by shielding it from the sun, rain, snow, and heat. The mixture of resin and pigment helps to maintain the structural integrity of your house without letting heat and wetness rot it.

Reputed and experienced exterior house painters will invest considerable time in prepping the surfaces – cleaning and sanding, before applying paint. When done diligently focussing on the quality of the finish, a good paint job should easily last for more than ten years! A good investment that proves its worth in the long run.

Here’s how highly experienced and professional exterior house painters in Melbourne will do it:

  • Washing the exterior surfaces

The first step of the preparation is to clean the surfaces to be painted to remove any residual paint particles, dirt and grime sticking to the surface. Most exterior house painters in Melbourne would use pressure washers to clean the surface. However, if they aren’t experienced with the equipment, they could let water seep in through the sidings or spoil the wood. Alternately, a simple hose, sprayer and scrubber are just as effective to wash the exterior surfaces of the house.

  • Scrapping

Experienced exterior house painters in Melbourne, will know to check for lead-based paint when they begin the scraping away residual paint layers- layers that have bubbled, blistered or are peeling away. If they are lead-based, then the professional will use certain precautions to protect themselves, and you from the toxic dust. If it isn’t lead-based, a simple tarp will be laid out on the floor to collect the debris, and the painters themselves would wear dust-masks while scrapping away old paint layers.

  • Sanding

Scrapping will take care of loose paint coming off the surface. Skilled and experienced exterior house painters will know if the surface is prepped enough and will check by applying a small area with paint to see whether it adheres well, and is not too bumpy on the surface (because of residual paint left). If it passes the test, then the prep work is completed. If not, then using fine quality sandpaper, the surface will be activated to increase its adhesive power so it can absorb the new paint to get an even surface and a quality finish.

  • Patch up and fill up irregularities in the surface

For the untrained eye, all surfaces might look even, but to get exceptional finish quality, surface irregularities need to be smoothened out. Professional exterior house painters in Melbourne will use ready patch material that dries fast and offer flexibility. They are applied to fill up holes, or small patches spoiled by rot or mildew, or to fill up dents in the surfaces to get a uniformly even surface.

  • Application of primer

After the detailed preparation work is done, then a coat of primer is applied. The primers penetrate to seal the wooden material and provide an excellent adhesive surface to receive the topcoat of paint. Acrylic or oil-based primers will be used based on the type of your home exteriors.

  • Applying the final layers of paint

Based on your choice of colours, acrylic latex paint will be used by your hired exterior house painters. Acrylic latex paint offers higher performance and flows well; they don’t mildew easily and also emit fewer VOCs (new age air-quality regulation compliance).

Most exterior house painters in Melbourne will use paint sprayers to apply an even coat of paint over large areas at once. However, ensure that the painters cover and mask other surfaces within the spread radius. Skilled painters will be meticulous about it, and will also wield the equipment effectively.

Choose to work with registered and insured exterior house painters in Melbourne

We at Dream Homes Painting and Decorating, provide excellent exterior house painting services, with a focus on preparing the surfaces to ensure the painted surface finish is of superior quality and endures for years to come. As a team of skilled, well-experienced craftspeople, we take immense pride in a job well-done that guarantees high-level customer satisfaction. Using scaffolding and ladders is unavoidable in residential exterior painting, and we protect our employees and our clients with comprehensive insurance, so you can be at peace while painting the exteriors of your house.

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