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January 13, 2021

Painting is considered as a cheap but effective redecorating solution by many homeowners – either to give a makeover before putting their homes on the market or to give their home a new look after many years. It is easy to find good quality home painters in Melbourne, who can offer exceptional services at cost-effective prices. This article delves into the different painting services, what you can expect from professional home painters in a city like Melbourne and a ballpark number on the cost of painting your homes.

Different types of services offered by home painters in Melbourne

Before choosing to work with professional home painters in Melbourne, you’ll need to understand the variety of services that can be expected from them. Professional home painters begin with a consultation – on design ideas, colour palettes selections, colour themes and so on, to understand your expectation out of their services, and discuss whether it is feasible to achieve them. If not, they’ll guide you through other ideas that will work within your budget and achieve similar results. Along with consultation, they will also offer estimates for the work based on the quality of supplies used, paint brands, areas to be painted, and the prep work required. Reputed home painters in Melbourne are known for their attention to detail during the prep work stage both on the interiors and the exteriors, which will give you enduring finish. Many home painters, will also work on removal of mildew or mould, dry out the dampness to ensure the paint will adhere effectively.

Besides, they might even work on lacquering applications, varnishes, and stains as well. Home painters in Melbourne will also be adept at fence and deck painting work. A mark of professionalism is how they clean up after their work so that you can be worry-free after the paint job.

Apart from these essential painting services, primarily home painters, take care of the two main aspects:

  • Exterior home painting: It involves all exterior surfaces of your house, including cladding, fascia, eaves, roofs, outside sheds, barns, cottages, outbuildings, windows shutters, trims, and doors.
  • Interior home painting: It includes painting all the interiors of your home including the living room, dining rooms, bedrooms, garages, bathroom, kitchens, ceiling, cabinets, shutters, pantry, shelves, hallways, playhouses.
  • Fence painting: This is not directly included in exterior painting, but can be added to the scope of the home painters. Fence painting requires considerably prep work.

Benefits of painting

House painting is not just a decorative aspect but is also functional. Getting professional home painters in Melbourne to do the job of both interior and exterior painting brings with it many benefits to your home.

  • It hides deficiencies like wall patchworks, helps remove rot and mildew and make the walls look like new.
  • It ensures that your house is protected against natural elements. Exterior paints are water-resistant and UV-resistant to protect your home for many years.
  • It is an excellent investment in your home to increase its market value. A fresh coat of paint can achieve an almost 10% increase in value.

Cost of house painting services

There are various factors involved in estimating the cost of painting your home. It depends on the size, nature of the surface to be painted, the existing condition of the surfaces, textures, quality of finish you wish to achieve, quality of painting supplies, brands, number of coats, and complexity of the job.

Faux finishes, mural, high ceilings, multi-storey exterior painting all have additional costs to them.

We have already discussed a detailed breakup of costs of the painting by home painters in Melbourne, for more info you can refer to that.

Hire Professional Home painters in Melbourne

At Dream Homes Painting and Decorating, we are one of the preferred home painters in Melbourne and have delivered satisfactory outcomes with an exceptional finish. Our superior quality finish is achieved because of the excellent painting process and high-quality painting supplies. We bring years of experience, and well-honed skills to give you a spectacular finish on your house painting services in Melbourne. Regardless of the size, complexity and scope of the project, we guarantee you excellent quality work that suits your budget, and we offer warranty of workmanship, that assures you that we get it right the first time. As licensed and insured exterior house painters in Melbourne, we have successfully and satisfactorily delivered on many projects.

Call us on 0411 833 521 for free consultation and estimates, or visit the website to fill out our FREE enquiry form so that we can get talking.

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Highly recommended to everyone one, Great professional painting team, they delivered a fantastic job in my investment house which was seriously damaged by previous tenant. Amir and Ronnie delivered the job sooner than expected with a very high quality, Price was reasonable ( much cheaper than big name companies quoted the job for me) and…

Aidin Montazami

Can’t thank the team enough for working around the clock to get the house painted in a record time!

Ali Scott

I used Dream Home Painting Service to paint the interior and parts of the exterior of our house before selling our property. In addition to painting Ronnie was able to patch up the plaster and replace damaged timber work in the eaves of the house. I was very impressed with the quality and overall finish…

Anne Heskett

I engaged Ronnie from Dream Home Painting to repaint the interior of my house. Ronnie was prompt for every appointment, helpful with the colour choice and even came to do the job earlier than expected which was a bonus! The whole job was completed in one day with minimal disruption and no mess or spills.…

Carmel Bell

Ronnie and Amir from Dream Homes Painting were wonderful to deal with. They were punctual and took the time to listen to what needed to be done and I found them both to be extremely polite and obliging. They took great care and pride in their work and their paint work was of excellent quality.…

Lillian Borzillo

Ronnie and Amir were engaged by the owners to re-paint all the exterior surfaces of four villa units in Canterbury at a very reasonable price. As one of owners, I cannot fault their service and workmanship. All appointments were kept, they turned up as arranged and the painting cannot be faulted in any way. They…

Reginald Norris

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