Should you get your residential fence painted or not?

A question that you are probably wrestling with to keep your fence protected. A fence – wooden or metal, adds aesthetic appeal and functionality to your home. It protects the perimeter of your house and improves the street view also. Installing a fence is a significant investment, and you’ll need to protect it from the elements to keep its integrity intact and looking like new for many years to come. Both residential fence painting and fence staining will help protect your wooden fence from damages due to exposure in a city like Melbourne.

Whether you wish to get your residential fence painting done by professionals in Melbourne or want to try staining or leave it in its natural state by sealing it – you need to have some information before you can make any of those choices. Consider the following benefits before you choose painting or staining.

Economics of fence protection

The cost factor of both fence painting and staining in Melbourne has to be considered before you choose either. On the one hand, staining needs to be done more often to keep your fence protected, plus it requires sealing. Together, they could be expensive than painting. While choosing staining, you’ll spend more on the supplies and labour, as you’ll need two or more coats to keep the fence well protected. Whereas, on the other hand, with painting, the finish when done by professional residential fence painting services in Melbourne will last longer than a stain finish. The time taken to complete the job will be less, saving on labour costs, plus there are so many COLOURS to choose…

Colour Options

If you are looking to create a unique look to your house, then painting offers a lot of choices. With stains, you’ll be restricted to colouring your fence in wooden hues, and there’s no unique styling in that. However, if you choose to get your residential fence painting done, you can play with the numerous colour options. For one, you can match the colours of your fence to your trim, or house accents or even to your garage, and create signature styling. You can always choose the classic white colour fence if that is what you have been dreaming about

Protecting your fence from exposure to natural elements

Think about this; we use paint to protect our home exterior surfaces for a reason. Painting offers an excellent shield against the natural elements – wind, rain, snow, sunlight. A professionally applied coat of paint can protect your wooden exteriors for years to come, ensuring the structural integrity is maintained, and there is no rot. The same reasoning can be applied to your residential fence painting as well.

Depending on the fence material, you’ll need first to apply a coat of primer to improve adhesion and to obtain superior finishes. After that, an excellent latex-based paint coat will be useful to get your fence painting sorted for your home in Melbourne. Sit back and enjoy a good-looking fence for the next five or more years.


When it comes to keeping the fence looking good and new, painting again has the upper hand. With fence staining, you’ll need to touch up once every couple of years. But with residential fence painting done by professionals, you’ll not have to worry about it for at least the next five years. Occasional cleaning to keep dirt and grime off your fence will be enough maintenance. Choose to get your fence painted to enjoy low maintenance work.

Get your residential fence painting done by professional painters in Melbourne

We are Dream Homes Painting & Decorating, offer professional residential painting services that includes fence painting as well, for homes in Melbourne. Offering fence painting services of the highest standard, you can rely on our team to deliver the best results for fence painting services Melbourne wide, including the south-eastern suburbs of Toorak, St Kilda, Bentleigh and Brighton. With years of experience behind us, we’re capable of handling every aspect of the job, from helping you to select the best colours for your fencing that complement your house through carrying out all painting and cleaning up after ourselves.

We also offer free consultations and cost estimates, allowing you to know exactly how much our fence painting services will cost before you make a decision. We pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty, meaning you can trust us to stay within your allocated budget for fence painting.

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