How to Choose and Manage a Painting Contractor?

Commercial complexes with multiple offices and residential apartments have common strata areas that are managed by a committee. These strata areas include the exteriors of the building and need proper upkeep to keep the value of the place intact and generally have a pleasant appearance. It reflects on the strata committee’s professionalism and management quality. Keeping the exterior paintwork in top condition will ensure that prospective businesses and tenants find it attractive to move into the complex.

Since the painting work of all the strata areas will be needed regularly, it is best suggested that the strata committee chooses painting contractors keeping their long-term engagement in mind. It won’t be difficult finding painting contractors willing to do the job, a simple online search for “painting contractors in Melbourne” will fetch endless prospects, all willing and eager to do the job. However, it is not a simple decision to make.

Choosing the right one for your building complex, at the right price, involves much scrutiny so you can save your building strata committee from extended expenses and admin work.

  •  Clear communication between committee and painting contractors.

Managing painting work on significant office buildings and apartments is not just a one-person job. A clear chain of command has to be established and communicated to the painting contractors in Melbourne. If any mishap happens, or a section of the paint job is botched, there is a clear line of reporting and supervision to get it sorted. This will ensure there are no undue delays with increased expenses.

  •  Evaluate their reputation

Regardless of the nature of the building complex – offices, commercial or residential apartments, strata area painting work is considered as a commercial painting job. It is a massive undertaking for any painting contractor. Many painters aren’t registered or insured. Hiring them might cost less at the beginning, but there is no assurance of quality finish. Uninsured painters are a liability, and it is best to stay clear from them. When you recommend painting contractors to your committee, ensure that they are capable, reputed, insured and registered painting companies, with the right tools, equipment and skilled painters for the job. One way to determine their qualifications or capabilities is to ask for their commercial painting portfolios, and reviews/testimonials by other strata committees.

  • Set the expectations at the beginning itself

The quality of finish expected from the painting contractors, as well as the scope of the work, including the surface prepping work, should be communicated to them before finalising the contract. Whether you’ll like to hire them for a one-off paint job or need touch-ups, or you wish to sign up contracts for an extended period, all expectations need to be clearly communicated. It will make sure that there are no misunderstandings or grievances between you and the prospective painting contractor.

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