Benefits of Hiring Residential Painters

Are you thinking about painting your house? Do you wish to do it on your own? Painting a few walls or a single room could be a Do-It-Yourself project for a couple of weekends. But if you think you can do your complete residential painting on your own with a few friendly helpers, then you’ll have to invest a lot more time. Especially if the paint doesn’t dry due to bad weather, then the timeline that you might have planned will be stretched, and quickly, your expenses will increase.

That is why, it is suggested to hire professional residential painting services if you are thinking of painting your entire house, both the exteriors and the interiors.

Benefits of hiring professionals to do the residential painting in Melbourne:

  • Painting hours

Consider that you are painting the exteriors, the amount of daylight that you can use to do the painting is limited over the weekend. Painted surfaces need to dry before you can start on another coat, and while you are at work, if it rains, or the weather is cloudy, the surface might not dry in time. However, with professional painting services that are available in Melbourne, they could work during the weekdays to complete the work, and you can plan your schedule regardless of the painters. They’ll provide accurate timelines to complete the project with superior finishes.

  • Quality of finish

Let’s face it, unless you are a professional painter yourself, or have the know-how, tools to do the exterior painting yourself, a professional painter is going to achieve a far superior finish quality. Painting services that have years of experience understand the nuances of the paint supplies – which one goes for the right build material of your house. Also, they have the right tools and equipment to get a ‘professional’ quality finish on the house, that will endure for years, without warranting frequent touch-ups.

  • Speed

As compared to professionals, the time you take to paint a particular stretch of the surface will be more. It doesn’t reflect on your interest; it is just that the professionals have a method to their craft honed over the years, have a large crew of painters and use appropriate tools that help them to speed up the process. They’ll use sprayers, long-handled rollers to achieve the desired effects in less time. It affects the overall timeline, and professionals painters can adjust complete the project much quicker than if you did it yourself.

  • Safety

Residential exteriors painting involves roofs which could pose a safety hazard for you. Even if you don’t have a multi-storey house, you’ll still need safety gear and ladder to reach the far corners. Going up and down a ladder, moving it, and then painting can all be exhausting, which might lead to accidents. With professionals, they are foremost with a crew to help them with the safety aspects and are highly adept at using these tools to finish the painting job.

  • Insurance

If you do plan to hire professional painting services, make sure that they are registered, insured and offer a guarantee of their work. In the event, that it rains after they have done the paint job, and the paint runs, they’ll come back to fix it without charging you for the rework. This is one insurance you can depend on. The other type will protect you and your home against any damages that might occur during the painting services. It won’t be intentional, but accidents happen, and if it causes any damages to your property, you can also claim their insurance to pay for it. Most painting services, also hold workman’s compensation insurance, that protects their crew from injuries while working, and you, the client, will not be held liable to pay for it.

In conclusion, having your exterior house painted by professionals will benefit you in the long run, by giving a fresh new look to boost its appeal and by increasing the value of your house.

We at Dream Homes Painting and Decorating, offer residential painting services that will achieve the vision for your house at the budget you want. We have expertise at optimising your time, budget and paint supplies to achieve a higher finish quality. When you hire us to do your residential painting in Melbourne, we assure you of cost-effective services, that will achieve high customer satisfaction as well.

Our painters in Melbourne will work according to your needs, ensuring the job is completed within the required time frame. To learn more or request a quote for our residential painting services in Melbourne, call us today on 0411 833 521.

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