5 Tips To Choose The Best Painting Company In Melbourne

Are you asking around for a reliable, professional painting company to do some painting services for you? This article will help you navigate some of the pitfalls that come with hiring painting services and point you to get a trusted painting company. It is good to remember the consequences of a wrong choice – loss of money, time and peace of mind! Read on and stay clear of the pitfalls.

5 Tips To Choose The Best Painting Company In Melbourne

  1. Ask Google & Your Friends

Right word of mouth referrals cannot steer you wrong. If your friends don’t have such referrals, search for “best painting companies in Melbourne” on Google to get several professional painting companies. Go through the top-rated and reviewed companies, cross-verify them with your friends if possible, and choose the one that suits your budget and schedule. You’ll be able to assess them during the FREE consultation and estimates appointment.


  1. Check for Licenses and Insurances

Professionals trades like painting services are available aplenty. Professional painters worth their reputation and experience will surely be a registered and licensed painting company as well. Besides, check for 2-fold insurance to protect you from any personnel injury and harm, plus damages to your property. Qualified residential and commercial painting companies will have all the necessary paperwork in line.


  1. Safety

Exterior painting, be it for home or commercial building is a daunting task. Professional painting companies will have a highly trained crew, use the necessary equipment to ensure safe and efficient work execution. There is the involvement of height, scaffolds, ladders, and much more. Only a well-trained crew will be able to complete the job while ensuring their crew’s safety and keeping you stress-free.


  1. Quality and Pricing

If this is the first time, you’re hiring painting services; then you might be tempted to go with the cheapest estimate. Cheap doesn’t always guarantee quality. There is a whole range of painting manufacturers across various painting finishes, at different pricing. However, when it comes to the quality of labour, ensure that you choose quality over cost to get a long-enduring painting finish that doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. Quality endures.


  1. Painting Prep Work

For a quality paint finish, that lasts long, prep work is the key. All surfaces that need to be painted should be prepped to remove excess paints and activate the surface, so the colour is well-absorbed to give an even tone finish. Make sure you ask the professional painting company you are hiring, to walk you through their prep work. You’ll be able to assess their attention to detail, and the depth of prep work they’ll undertake when they discuss their process in detail.


Experienced and Reputed professional painting company in Melbourne


At Dream Homes Painting and Decorating, we have undertaken many residential and commercial painting services in Melbourne, and have delivered satisfactory outcomes with an exceptional finish. Our superior quality finish is achieved because of the excellent painting process and high-quality painting supplies. We invest considerable time on prepping the existing surfaces to prevent any peeling, mildew growth or bubbles in future. We bring years of experience, and well-honed skills to give you a spectacular finish on your house painting services in Melbourne.

As licensed and insured house painters in Melbourne, we have successfully and satisfactorily delivered on many projects. Call us on 0411 833 521 for a free consultation and estimate, or visit Dream Homes Painting to fill out our FREE enquiry form so that we can get talking.


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