5 Key Considerations When Choosing a Commercial Painting Company

Like every business or commercial property owner, you want to protect your investment by making sure it stays attractive and appealing to potential tenants or customers. Keeping the building in top-notch condition will help you to achieve that, and painting the exterior surfaces on a period basis, to cover-up peeling or faded paint will keep the property looking like new—properties with latest paint job help in maintaining its value.

When it comes to choosing painting contractors, you cannot just pick anyone without due considerations. Painting is a significant investment, and you want to invest wisely on professional and highly reputed commercial painting companies, who can give you enduring finish quality.

Consider these significant factors when choosing a commercial painting company for your property:

  • Shortlist potential painting contractors

Looking up the internet for painting contractors will yield you a good result to start with. Along with that list, you could cross-reference it with your friends or other business owners, to get a personal recommendation for quality painters. Armed with the shortlist of potentially good painting contractors, you can start scheduling consultations and get estimates.

  • Do your research

With a shortlist of candidates, also have the checklist of prerequisites. You need to ensure that the painting companies, are the real deal by enquiring for their customer reviews/ testimonials. You can follow through couple the references to check whether the previous customers are happy and satisfied with their services. Also, check their insurance and registration details, and also to check for any affiliations or membership with national organisations. By going through these details, you will be able to determine the legacy of the painting contractors and their reputation so that you can make a smart decision.

  • Detailed painting quotes leads to reliable, legally binding contracts.

Commercial painting companies in Melbourne may offer an irresistible quote with the best brands of paint supplies at attractive prices, but when it comes to walking the talk and signing on the dotted lines of the contract, they might play a different tune. Make sure that the quote they offer is extensive and captures the entire scope of work, pre-agreed finish quality, timelines, budgetary consideration, a guarantee of workmanship, insurance details, and so on. Having every specific written out in detail, will not only encourage transparent dealings, but it will also protect you from any inconvenience caused, due to the non-adherence of contract terms. Ask questions for guidance and go with the painting contractor ready to offer you such a contract.

  • Do not base your choice entirely on the cost factor.

Cost and quality of services tend to be inversely related. A low costing estimate won’t guarantee you the highest quality of work. Besides, experience and expertise require years of consistent quality, to build a credible reputation. These attractive features do not come at throwaway prices. Painting is a significant investment, and you do not want to spend that money on low-quality painting contractors. Expert painters will provide honest and fair pricing for their services. You can find justified prices with exceptional quality with some scrutiny and research.

  • Hire a full-service specialist

Commercial painting involves multiple surfaces, materials and different areas of your property. They will need different kind of prep work, tools, and equipment to ensure the highest quality finish. Only a full-service painting company, with a large crew, and the with a repertoire of many big commercial property painting projects, will be able to take on the challenges and overcome them with ease. Always ask questions about their experiences, team of painters, and make sure they understand the expectation and can demonstrate their capabilities. You’d not want to hire more than one company to finish the project.

We at Dream Homes Painting and Decorating, are a registered, insured commercial painting company in Melbourne, with many successful and highly satisfied painting projects. With us, you’ll be able to tick all the prerequisites to hire a reputed commercial painting contractor. Our prices are cost-effective, and we have a dynamic team of tradespeople who are experts at their trade. We are committed to achieving excellent quality finishes, as per your requirements, while sticking to our agreed contract for supplies, timelines and budget. We pride ourselves with our guarantee of workmanship that reflects our dedication to the craft and our clients.

If you want your commercial property to make the best possible impression on visitors, contact Dream Homes Painting to organise a free commercial painting estimate and consultation that takes your unique needs into account. Call our team now on 0411 833 521, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision for your property.


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