How much does painting a house cost in Melbourne

Painting a home is one of a compelling decorative idea, that revitalises the look and feel of the house and also helps to rectify small structural damages from further escalation. When it comes to painting a house in Melbourne, the cost depends on whether you are painting the whole house – both the exterior or the interior, or the entire house. Painting services in Melbourne vary in their highs and lows based on the years of experience, skill factors, and quality of supplies used.

Usually, house exterior painting can cost somewhere between $2500 to $25,000 based on the scope of work, the size, condition of the house and the quality of materials used. Whereas painting the interior may cost between $700 to $900. The final estimates by professional painters in a city like Melbourne depend on the number of rooms, the room sizes, prep work involved, type of paint and finish required, in addition to whether the ceiling and trims are included or not.

If you are keen to have your house painted with a fresh coat, but unsure of how to allocate your budget? No worries, in this article, we are going to discuss the costs charged in general by painting services in Melbourne, along with Dream Homes Painting’s estimates based on our experiences in costing and successful completion of hundreds of house painting projects.

Costs to paint the House Exterior

Many professional painters in Melbourne, will do the costing estimates of the house exterior painting considering the following factors;

  • Existing condition and the age of the house
  • The material used to build the house
  • Scope of the project, whether it is individual sections or the entire house exterior.

The exteriors of the house involve painting the roof, eaves, cladding, windows, fascia boards and gutters. From our painting services estimates in Melbourne, the cost of painting the exterior of single-storey home anywhere between $2500 to $15000. It might seem steep for you as an investment, but it should be noted that, once professional painters in Melbourne have worked on the exterior, it would be another 5-7 years before you repaint it. Hence, investing is an economical one. Besides, the amount of prep work needed to get a good finish and the material of the house are significant factors adding to the final cost.

Cost to paint a house interior

Painting the interior of the home has way too many variables, whether you are interested in just a fresh coat of paint, or redesign, or touch-ups, the costing changes based on all these requirements. Painting a hallway will considerably cost less than painting all the interiors surfaces.

Interior house painting is highly individualistic and the costing can vary over an extensive range, here are some approximations to consider.

Cost for:

  • Professional painting services for a bedroom and ceiling – $1000
  • Repainting a two-bedroom interior – $5000
  • Painting three-bedroom house (windows, trims, and doors included) – $7000
  • Painting five-bedroom house – $9000

Professional painters in Melbourne will incorporate the cost of ceiling, doors and door frames, windows, and ledges, skirting boards, flooring in addition to walls while offering estimates for interior painting services.

We, at Dream Homes Painting & Decorating, will survey the house and understand the scope of the project before offering you the estimates. During our free consultation, we will go at length on the various option for paint supplies, finishes and advice you suitably considering your budgets into consideration to get the best possible outcome.

We bring years of experience, and well-honed skills to give you a spectacular finish on your house painting services in Melbourne. As licensed and insured house painters in Melbourne, we have successfully and satisfactorily delivered on many projects. Call us on 0411 833 521 for free consultation and estimate or fill out our FREE enquiry form so that we can get talking.


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