Commercial Painting: Common Paint Problems to Deal With

When it comes to commercial painting, you cannot blindly go ahead with any painters or painting company. It differs a lot from residential painting and only seasoned and expert commercial painters in Melbourne will be able to overcome the problems that come with commercial painting.

Commercial painting involves painting the exterior and interior surfaces of offices, warehouses and business centres, ensuring that the finish endures and also deal with the maintenance of the painted surfaces whenever needed. Quality commercial painters in Melbourne will use the right tools and equipment along with a team of highly skilled painters to handle and overcome the many problems. These invariably will affect the timeline and quality of finish they wish to achieve when they start with their commercial painting services. These include;

  • Poor adhesion of paint layers could lead to peeling issues

The existing painted surfaces may have multiple coats of paint on them, and if they have been painted with low-quality materials, or there was moisture retention in the walls, the painted layers could be peeling off. Highly skilled and experienced commercial painting services will be able to take care of such issues by prepping the walls thoroughly, fix any damages due to moisture and ensure that the surfaces are ready to receive high-quality paints.

  • Formation of bubbles or blisters on the painted surfaces

Expert commercial painters in Melbourne will be adequately equipped to handle any blisters or bubbles that may arise during the painting work. Skilled painters will be aware that such blisters or bubbles form when the surface is either wet or is exceedingly hot. That is why reliable commercial painters in Melbourne will not paint under direct sunlight as the heated walls will lower the adhesion, and the surface will not take the painting as desired, and the finish will not be good. Equipment such as exhaust fans are used to ventilate and dry the surfaces.

  • Presence and growth of mildew on the walls

Walled surfaces that are damp and are not exposed to sunlight will develop grey and black patchy growth of mildew. It is a result of the paint having low levels of fungicide to prevent the growth and spread of mildew. The commercial painting services that you wish to hire should be able to remove these mildew growth and prep the wall to get rid of dampness, so they can achieve a quality finish that endures for years.

  • Paint peeling away on galvanised surfaces

Painting metal surfaces like fences or railing is a big part of commercial painting services. In case sections of the galvanised surfaces have had the paint peel off, there could be rust formation on them. Commercial painters in Melbourne with a credible reputation will know how to prep such surfaces and remove the layer of rust formed. Usually, seasoned painters will apply primer over the surface (after prepping to remove the rust formation) before applying oil-based or vinyl latex paint.

Reliable and seasoned commercial painters in Melbourne

At Dream Homes Painting and Decorating, we have undertaken many commercial painting services in Melbourne, and have delivered satisfactory outcomes with an exceptional finish. Our superior quality finish is achieved because of the excellent painting process and high-quality painting supplies. We invest considerable time on prepping the existing surfaces to prevent any peeling, mildew growth or bubbles in future. We can handle any drywall finishing, wall covering or if you wish to have some mural painted, we are the right commercial painters in Melbourne for that as well. You can trust us to offer excellent quality commercial painting services for a paint job that endures for years to come.

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