What is a Commercial Painting Service?

Commercial painting services usually cover a range of large-scale painting in office buildings, stores and restaurants. A commercial painter that is reliable and professional can brighten up the interior or exterior of your business with a fresh coat of paint for your office building or industry. Our commercial painters specialise in painting the interior and exterior of buildings. We have experience of working with several contractors and developers. Also, we can help in providing accurate quotes when it comes to determining the cost of painting.

Some of the main painting services are:

When it comes to commercial painting, it differs from residential painting as it is a business to business painting service. This is why it is important to choose the right painting contractors for your work. We have some great customer reviews and have been in the painting business for many years.

Commercial painting is specialised for businesses. Since a business owns commercial property, it would be the right choice to work with commercial painters that specialise and complete the job. You should know that commercial spaces are tough to paint, and this is why you need seasoned pros to ensure that all spots look professionally done.

Since your customers would notice the inside of your office on a daily basis, it is important to keep it looking at its best. This is why you should choose the right commercial painting company. Several businesses use commercial painters to add colour and brighten up their offices.

Commercial Painting Services

Since colour brings out the best in your business, you should ensure that your walls look fresh with a new coat of paint. Studies show that there is more productivity with certain types of painting colours. Also, there’s a psychology of colours that some offices use too.

Normally, we will showcase different colours that you can choose from. These colours form the backbone of the decision-making process, and it will help build the brand in the manner that you see it. Ensure that you have the right colour match that you desire. Our professional and friendly commercial painters will help you in any way they can.

What’s the difference between Commercial and Residential Painting?

When it comes to commercial and residential painting, these are two different types of painting services. On the one hand, residential painting is focused on the general public like apartments, houses, decks or sheds. On the other hand, commercial painting is for businesses that look at the interior and exterior of building sites and offices and done professionally.

Scheduling plays another role in commercial painting. This is mainly for commercial painters that need to work around the business’s office hours in order to ensure that it does not hamper their work. This is why you should ensure that you should schedule the project in such a way that it works around your schedule.

In contrast, residential painting is scheduled more at the time of the painter. This means that some households have to take time off work so that they can be home to check on the painters. This means that you should hire painters that come on time and are reliable.

If you need help with your commercial painting needs, then we at Dream Homes Painting specialise in commercial and office painting. Call us on (03) 6145 0421 for our services and a free quote.


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