Which is the best painting service in Australia?

There are several painting services all across Australia that you can trust. One of these amazing commercial painting services is provided by Dream Home Painting. As one of the leading painting companies in Australia, we are known for servicing several commercial projects and delivering them on time.

Our painters are known to prepare, protect, and decorate the interior and exterior walls by providing you with the best of paints and other finishes. We ensure that our painters are given the right instructions before they go ahead with their job of painting and maintenance of your building.

The following includes a list of tasks that painters should complete:

  • Reviewing the interior and exterior of the building and determining the type of techniques and procedures needed for the type and quantity of specific materials needed. This means that we will advise you with the colour schemes and the type of wall coverings. The instructions based on the terms of style, finish and colour. Also, maintaining and ordering the paint supplies and materials.
  • Our painters will use scaffolding when it is difficult to reach certain objects and to get to a specific height.
  • We will protect, prepare and repair surfaces by cleaning, sanding and scraping surfaces and getting rid of holes and cracks. Also, they would use primer and sealers wherever necessary.
  • Specific material and coating are painted and applied on walls and surfaces using tools like spray equipment or rollers and brushes. This helps in matching colours by blending different materials and paints and creating decorative effects with special finishes.
  • Cleaning up and picking up debris once the job is done and that the scaffolding is dismantled.
  • Creating an estimate and invoice by analysing, calculating, collecting and comparing data.
  • Preparing, protecting and cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces that are going to be painted.
  • Finally, painting the walls and using other materials to improve the finish on the surfaces.

Here are some of the skills of the best painting service in Australia:

  • Our painters have customer service, interpersonal and communication skills which are done clearly in the verbal and written form. This ensures that the clients and colleagues communicate effectively and use non-technical language.
  • We ensure that our painters effectively use their time. This is done through time management and organisational skills. This means that we plan and prioritise work activities and manage time effectively when it comes to a high volume of work. Similarly, we multitask and work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
  • A strong sense of logic and analytical skills are needed to calculate areas and relate calculations to specific materials which will be used. Additionally, our painters approach tasks in a resourceful and reliable manner.
  • Our painters work with minimal supervision and independently
  • There is a continual focus on client satisfaction, cost control and safety. This means that we wear respirators, hard hats, glasses, ear protection and personal protective equipment as needed.
  • The painters also need physical strength and motor coordination. This helps in displaying good hand skills and neat workmanship. We will be able to live and carry objects which are up to 40 pounds and climb ladders and be comfortable working at heights.

In addition to this, our painters demonstrate extensive skills of painting, have a good knowledge of paints and finishes and have worked on techniques and tools like hydro-blasting, steam-cleaning and sandblasting.

If you are looking out for one of the best painters in Melbourne that provide commercial painting services, then you should connect with us at Dream Home Painting. Connect with us by calling (03) 6145 0421 for more information and details of our services. You can also request us for a quote or inspection of your office.


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