Advantages of Interior and Exterior House Painting

Our homes are our sanctuaries. We take a lot of care and spend time in its upkeep and ensuring it is maintained well. Weekend checks and changes, and occasional DIY to decorate or change bits of space and moving furniture to change the vibes and feel of the room. All of these to keep our homes feeling fresh and vibrant and energetic. Over the years, as time goes by, homes do end up looking dull and weather-worn, and you might consider remodelling it to freshen it up. Such an endeavour would cost you much, however there is a less costly and useful redecorating idea to freshen up the home as well as take care of its upkeep for many years to come – residential interior and exterior painting.

Hiring professional exterior house painters in Melbourne like us, Dream Homes Painting and Decorating, will infuse fresh energy and look to your home and enhance its kerb appeal. We are a group qualified and experienced team of residential interior and exterior painting professionals, offering exceptional house painting services in Melbourne in a cost-effective manner. We even provide customised interior painting services in Melbourne to bring you visions of new designs, colour or shades to life.

Benefits of Residential Interior Painting

A fresh coat of paint can revitalise the interiors of your home. It will not only enhance the look and feel of the living spaces but also offer additional benefits when the interior painting is done right, and a good finish is achieved. Some of these benefits are:

  • Interior painting in Melbourne will infuse your home with new and vibrant energy making it more attractive and cheerier. It will change the dull look of old and faded paint, and unique designs can drastically change the way a living space is experienced.
  • The prepping work for residential interior painting will identify areas of damp, mould and other damages. Professional painting company like ours will work on these damages to give you a longlasting finish with the new painting.
  • Painting the interior walls will protect it from moisture and heat.
  • By eliminating dampness or any mould growth with new painting, the indoor air quality will improve considerably.
  • Interior painting in Melbourne will showcase your home in a better light, and it will bring a greater return on investment if you wish to put up the house for sale.

Benefits of residential exterior painting

Painting acts as a first line of defence for the exteriors of your home. Exterior house painters in Melbourne, like us, understand the importance of the residential exterior painting. It will not only enhance the kerb view of the house; it should withstand and weather the natural elements for many years. We achieve exceptional and enduring finishes by using high-quality paint supplies and investing a lot of time and efforts in prepping the exterior surfaces to achieve excellent outcomes. Here are a few additional benefits to residential exterior painting:

  • The exterior surfaces of your house need to weather natural elements like rain, snow, heat and undergo wear. To overcome this, professional exterior house painters in Melbourne like us will use weather-resistant paints to get enduring paint quality.
  • The latest exterior paints available in the market are also dust-proof, UV resistant and fade resistant. Being UV resistant will help to reflect the rays of the sun and help improve the overall energy-efficiency of your home.

Experienced residential interior and exterior painters in Melbourne

At Dream Homes Painting and Decorating, we have undertaken many residential painting services in Melbourne, and have delivered satisfactory outcomes with an exceptional finish. Our superior quality finish is achieved because of the excellent painting process and high-quality painting supplies. We bring years of experience, and well-honed skills to give you a spectacular finish on your house painting services in Melbourne. Regardless of the size, complexity and scope of the project, we guarantee you excellent quality work that suits your budget, and we offer warranty of workmanship, that assures you that we get it right the first time. As licensed and insured exterior house painters in Melbourne, we have successfully and satisfactorily delivered on many projects. Call us on 0411 833 521 for free consultation and estimates, or fill out our enquiry form so that we can get talking.


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