House Painting Tips to Improve Your Kerb Appeal

Like everything in business, the first impression leaves an unmistakable impact on the purchase decision. Real estate is no different. Homeowners scouting for prospective buyers need to understand the true nature of their home’s kerb appeal and try to redecorate or freshen up the look of the exterior of their homes. A little investment in house painting will enhance the value of your house in Melbourne to a considerable extent.

Painting has been considered as one of the most effective and affordable redecorating options. In this article, we endeavour to suggest a few practical tips that will help you further improve your home’s kerb view. Suppose you choose to opt for exterior house painting services in Melbourne, we suggest hiring professionals for the job. You will get a superior quality finish while being within your budget and schedule limits.

  • Distinguish different areas of your exterior with different hues

If choosing the right primary colour like earthy, neutral and pleasant colours for the whole exterior might be a big task, then choosing the right colour to add to your trims is a whole different story. When you are house painting in Melbourne, be sure to add accents or pop-out colours to your trims. It enhances the overall kerb view with contrasting or darker/lighter-hued tones. Painting the trims a different colour than the rest marks out the front facade and makes its look distinctive. For the trim colour though, it is best to seek the advice of professional painting services in Melbourne who are much adept at suggesting the right complementary colour to your primary exterior colour.

  • Decorate your front door with a welcoming colour

The quickest way to change your kerb view is to jazz up the front door of your house. The front door remains a focal point on the kerb view and painting it bright with playful colours like crimson, red or yellow is sure to catch the eyes of those passing by. If not too playful you could go for the welcoming yet understated earthy tones like ivory white, dove grey or coral. Popular house painting choices in Melbourne go for ocean blue or teal blue for the front door.

  • Freshen up the outdoor furniture

Although not part of the immediate house, the outdoor furniture’s look and style do weigh heavily on enhancing or diminishing the kerb appeal of your house. Sprucing up your patio furniture with a fresh coat of paint or replacing them with furniture that flows with the new exterior colour will surely make an excellent first impression.

  • Liven up the small decorative aspects of your exteriors

When you are about to begin house painting in Melbourne, don’t forget or ignore the decorative aspects around the exterior – front railings, outdoor lamps and patio lighting gears, mailboxes, flower pots. Liven up these smaller ornamental things with a dash of the new colour to have a pop-out look. House painting professionals in Melbourne, vouch by these decorative touch-ups to amp up your kerb view.

  • Don’t forget your house fences

The fences of your house should not be neglected. House painting services in Melbourne, may or may not include fence painting as part of their standard exterior painting services. Nonetheless, prepping those fences to clear away worn-out paint or exposed metal surfaces and applying a fresh coat of paint will be the final cherry on the cake to beautify and redecorate your house.

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