The Ultimate Guide to Exterior House Painting

Before getting on the internet to search for professional exterior house painters in Melbourne, it will be better to understand the many facets of exterior house painting. The types and quality of paint materials, costs involved for the supplies and labour required to paint the whole exterior.

Exterior house painting frequency changes with the material used. Brick houses may not need frequent painting but could do with textured finishes that will protect the paint for many years, and weatherboard houses may need frequent painting to keep restoring to its original look. Regardless of the material of your house, it is best suggested to understand the intricacies and specifics of exterior house painting in Melbourne.

Exterior paints differ vastly from interior paints

It is easy to assume that all painting supplies are suitable for all surfaces. Nevertheless, it is not in reality. The exterior house paints have added functionality to them in addition to their coloured hues. They need to be UV resistant, weather the natural elements without losing their integrity for many years, should be water-resistant to avoid seepage into the inner walls, and also be stain resistant. Above all these, different material used to build exteriors will determine the type of paint to be used to coat them. Usually, latex-based paint is used for exterior house painting due to its quick-drying properties and the ability to weather the natural elements.

Different paints for different materials – a brief understanding

Residential exterior painting supplies are primarily dependent on the type of material used. Some of the different types used and the best exterior house paints for those are discussed here:

  • Aluminium – The frequency of exterior house painting with aluminium is about every 5 years. The exterior house painters in Melbourne would probably choose between 100% acrylic latex paint and alkyd paint. If acrylic paint is used, then latex primer needs to be applied first, otherwise, with alkyd paint, there is no necessity for a primer.
  • Concrete surface (stucco or plain masonry) – As discussed brick walls surfaces with good paint finishes can last up to 10-15 years, but if it is concrete like stucco, new exterior house painting would be needed every 5 years. For this exterior material, an acrylic paint known as elastomeric exterior paint is used. The flexible nature of this paint will flow along the surface to avoid any cracking issues.
  • Timber exteriors – When there is wood involved, repainting frequency is every 4-6 years, based on the weather condition of the area. Acrylic latex paint with stain block would be the choice for exterior house painting A primer is needed.
  • Vinyl exteriors – 100% acrylic latex paint with no primer will be the choice of paint for doing up your residential house painting. And you would be looking to hire exterior house painters in Melbourne for at least the next 10-15 years.
  • Steel exteriors – Homes with steel and metal cladding, painters would use a primer before they apply a fresh coat of alkyd paint.
  • Environmental-friendly paints – if you are on the lookout for low chemical-based paint or are sensitive to paint then, there are many environmentally safe, healthier paint options with low VOC or natural house paints is also an alternative.

Residential exterior painting costs in Melbourne

Having a ballpark figure to work with, will help you chalk out a budget plan, before consulting exterior house painters in Melbourne for their services. It is important to note that the cost of painting the exteriors will differ from interior painting charges, largely due to the prep work needed plus the physical difficulty to reach places with scaffolding and ladders. Professional painters in Melbourne can cost you about $15 – $ 45 per sq m for brick and masonry surfaces, or between $12 – $60 per sq m for timber surfaces.

Here is a brief break-up of the actual cost involved for exterior house painting, including prep work, and repainting.

  • A brick bungalow might cost you between $4000 – $7000.
  • A small timber or wooden cottage in good condition might cost between $7000 – $12,000.
  • A small Victorian home in Melbourne may cost you anywhere between $12,000 – $18,000.

In addition to these costs, if there are bigger houses, they are going to cost more.

  • A 2-storey, 3 bedroom house may cost you $5,500 – $8000.
  • A 2-storey timer surface home in good condition might cost $10,000 – $20,000.

Other factors affect the cost of exterior house painting, some of these are – size, wall material, multi-storeys, quality of paint, design detailing and intricacies in the facade, level of prep work.

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