Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Painting Contractor

These questions are necessary if you want to neither waste your precious time and money nor compromise on safety and final finish quality of the paint job. There are many unregistered and shady painting contractors in Melbourne, who claim to have cheap services but end up being too much trouble. That is why it is best to have a set of questions handy to ask prospective painting companies in Melbourne, to assess the veracity of their claims, and to verify that they genuinely are licensed to be doing any residential or commercial painting jobs.

More often than we like to, customers who hire us, have fallen for the ill-trappings of shady painting contractors with promises of a quick and clean job, never to have delivered on their end and have called us to re-do or complete the painting job. This article tries to shed some light on the right questions to ask any painting company in Melbourne, before hiring them.

  • What is the quality and brand of material they intend to use

When it comes to painting supplies and the quality of paints available in the market, you’d be surprised to know the broad spectrum that exists. There are paint materials that are cheap and low quality available as quickly as high-quality and costlier ones. Hence, our suggestion to ask the specificity of the materials used by the painting contractors you wish to hire for your house or office painting in Melbourne. During the consultation stage itself, knowing the brands and quality of paint used for particular finishes, will not only help you assess their quotes but also their expertise in handling and delivering a beyond reproach first quality paint finish.

At Dream Homes Painting & Decorators, we offer almost accurate quotes of the materials used and the quantity and quality that will be used considering your budget as well as the surface to be painted. We always try to optimise the quality of finish for the given budget, and advice you suitably on the available options.

  • Are the painting crew have their background vetted? Should you be concerned about allowing them into your home?

Letting strangers into your home without knowing their history or criminal background would be a dangerous situation. Most painting contractors in Melbourne use a variety of painters both on a regular and ad-hoc basis, based on the projects they undertake. It should be made clear during the consultation that you wish to check for background verification and to ensure that only vetted painters are part of the crew. Many criminal activities about theft and even worse have been reported across countries that involve tradespeople whose backgrounds were not checked.

With Dream Homes Painting, you’ll not have to worry about such things. Our team of expert painters have been thoroughly vetted and are highly experienced to offer superior quality finishes. We assure you of our reputation as an honest and reliable painting company in Melbourne.

  • Ask whether the painting contractors are insured?

Painting companies in Melbourne that are registered and licensed need to possess the following insurances;

  • Comprehensive Business Liability Insurance, which protects the painting contractors from any liabilities of damage to your property during the painting work.
  • Workmen’s Compensation, which protects you as well as painting contractors in Melbourne, from any liabilities of injury or fatal accidents to its crew members.

During the consultation and assessment stage itself, you can ask for the insurances. You can also check and verify the validity of insurance if you have doubts about their claims. Any painting contractors without insurance should be strictly avoided.

Dream Homes Painting is a licensed and insured painting company in Melbourne. We have delivered excellent outcomes to residential and commercial painting works for many years and have built a lasting relationship with our customers. Most of our businesses come through referrals of our highly satisfied and happy customers. We’d be happy to share contacts to check our references and reviews that are shared about our services. Call us on 0411 833 521 for free consultation and estimates, or fill out our FREE enquiry form so that we can get talking.


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