How Professional Painters Help You to Pick Up the Right Colour

There is no shortage of professional home painters in Melbourne. A simple online search will list out the many options available. But, to choose the right contractors, you will not only bring their expertise to the job but be ready to offer and deliver on comprehensive painting services is a difficult task. When it comes to professional painters, you could evaluate a seasoned professional based on how they suggest the colour scheme for your home and help you choose appropriate colours to redecorate your home. At Dream Home Painting, we pride ourselves in offering professional opinions and suggestion on the colour schemes and advise you suitably taking into considerations your likes and requirements.

We help our client to choose the right shades in the following manners, hope it helps you as well;

  • Start small

Firstly, if you are choosing a whole new shade of paint, we suggest starting with the smallest rooms in the house. It helps to ascertain the change in colour in one room and its continuity into others. Suppose you have doubts on the shade and not sure whether you would want to retain it, reworking on the small rooms will not be much of a waste of resources.

  • The mood of the room is vital

Every room has its different moods and ambiences, which can be created with the right shades. As professional painters, we understand the differences that each colour shades bring and advice you accordingly. For example, for a kids room, bright, vibrant colours could jazz up the energy of the room to match the energy of the youth, but for a bedroom, that same colour palette wouldn’t be suggested. Pastel, calming tones are suitable for master bedroom.

  • The size of the room and the amount of natural light it receives

Painting hues reflect and bounce of natural light to create difference sense of the rooms. Seasoned home painters in Melbourne, like us, will look into the play of light and factor in the size of the room and its purpose before suggesting a particular colour shade. If you wish to make a room cozy and warm deeper colour, palettes could be suggested. But the same dark might have a jarring effect on a wall that is opposite to the room entrance. However, the same dark shade could be used to provide rich accents. Light colours will bounce of the natural light to make the room feel airy and spacious.

In our many years of experience as professional home painters in Melbourne, we have observed the effects of natural light on paint. It is only under natural light does the paint’s truest colour be seen, incandescent lighting brings out warmer tones in the paint and if you are considering to incorporate some fluorescence, then blue would the colour we suggest.

  • Helping you make sense of it all

Colour palettes, finishes, shades all have different terminologies, with each having a specific meaning. Hiring professional home painters in Melbourne will help you navigate these technical terms to get the right colour shade and finish that you envisioned. Terminologies like hues, saturation, intensity, each with different numbers giving a sense of the colour.

In conclusion, we believe there is more advantages to hiring professional painters in Melbourne, will be both costs significant, and ultimately satisfying when you see the colours unleashing a new life into your home. We, Dream Homes Painting, are committed to achieving that, with a team of experienced and skilled professional painters. We are a registered and insured painting company with a long list of happy customers, who would give us positive reviews.

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