Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Painting Services

Are you thinking about jazzing up your home with some DIY redecorating ideas? Adding a fresh coat of paint freshens up any living space, and we believe that you should try your hand at painting a small area of your home. But, if you are thinking of a complete makeover with repainting your home’s whole interior, exterior and fencing then we suggest you reconsider doing it all on your own.

It is a time-demanding, physically taxing task, that is best left to the professional painting services, who have honed a special set of skills over a long time utilising the appropriate tools and equipment. Hiring professional painters in Melbourne, will not only work out best to achieve the desired painting finish and quality but will turn out to be cost-effective with painters who offer warranty for their painting services.

We at Dream Homes Painting and Decorating, are a dedicated team of professional painters in Melbourne, committed to the craftsmanship and customer satisfaction with our superior quality finish and hassle-free painting services. Call us today for a free consultation and quotation.

We encourage you to read on more to understand the long term benefits that you reap by choosing to hire professional painters for your home makeover,

  • Improved valuation for your home.

Real estate value of a housing property diminishes over time. If the exterior paint looks worn out with chipped paint surfaces, it is sure not to add more value. Applying a fresh coat of weather-resistant paint on the exterior and latest trending paint finishes for the interiors can improve the valuation, with more than 100% return on investment on hiring professional painters in Melbourne. Even if you are not putting your home on the market, you can still brighten up your neighbourhood and enhance your house’s kerb view.

  • Craftsmanship Warranty: avoid frequent redo and touch-ups

One of the sure-shot benefits of hiring professional painting services is the warranty they offer for their services. Experienced and skilled painters are aware of the level of preparation work needed to get a truly excellent finish, that endures. They understand and work on prepping the existing surfaces before applying layers of paint, so the surfaces stay structurally and aesthetically sound for years to come. Such finishes won’t crack up, peel-off or form bubbles, giving you excellent value for money services in the long run.

  • Revitalise your living spaces and external aesthetic appeal with new paints and patterns

The paint industry, just like other industries, goes through constant innovation and advances. There are new design patterns, paint finishes, colour schemes that elevate the overall finish and look of the painted surfaces. Professional painters are always in the know and will suggest new design ideas and paint supplies during their consultation so you can make an informed choice.

  • Change the energy in your home with fresh, lively colours!

Colours are energy; each colour can enhance the mood and energies of the space. If you are up for a transformation, a new beginning in your life, painting your house with a fresh, invigorating colour scheme can do wonders to manifest positive energy. Professional painters like us, understand the play of colour in a space and can suggest suitably to achieve the right colour scheme for every living space in your home.

  • Achieve excellent quality finishes within a set timeline and budget.

A weekend hobby project of painting a small area of the house could easily eat up many weekends, demanding your time and money. Hiring professional painters in Melbourne will give you a realistic timeline of the project, organise the schedule that doesn’t disrupt your routine and most importantly lets you stay within budget.

Trusted and reliable professional house painting services in Melbourne

Dream Homes Painting and Decorating is a team of professional painters servicing Melbourne and other suburbs with exquisite painting services. We specialise in residential painting services – interior, exterior and residential fence painting. Our quality of services, warranty of craftsmanship and reputation of leaving the site mess-free after painting has helped us to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, in turn leading to building long-term relationships. Many of our projects come through referrals of our satisfied customers. Give us a call today to get a free consultation and quote.


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