5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Painting Contractor

October 22, 2020
5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Painting Contractor

Most homeowners paint their houses every 5 to 10 years, or even sooner, based on their interests and needs. Most of them complete residential painting when they are looking to get an improved valuation in the real estate market. Choosing to hire professional painting contractors is one way to ensure that homeowners get enduring quality of services and value for money.

In the current market scenario, picking the right painting contractor in Melbourne could be easily overwhelming with a myriad of options to choose from. It is advisable to not always go in for the cheapest or the quickest, as both of these criteria don’t guarantee a high-quality service.

To help you in your search for competent, reliable and professional painting contractors in Melbourne, we have enlisted 5 factors or considerations to help you sieve through the good ones – painting contractors who walk the talk and deliver on their promises.

  • Is the painting contractor company adequately insured?

Professionals working with tools and employing other painters need to have two important insurances, so they do not become a liability on you as a client. It is important to ask and confirm that the prospective painting contractor has,

1. Workmen’s Compensation: A insurance that protects you and their employees from any liability when working at your house. It is a bit on the steep side, and some painting contractors may skip it, but do insist on it.

2. Comprehensive Business Liability: A insurance that protects your home from any damages caused by the painting contractor while the painting work is underway.

While going through the process of selecting potential contractors do insist on this upfront. It is simply put a deal-breaker.

  • Is the painting contractor licensed to service in Melbourne?

Licensing is proof of authentic business practice. Painting contractors can have a license only for residential painting or commercial painting or both. It is important to check for the appropriate license so you can be sure to avail services from registered businesses. It will allow you to hold them accountable if they don’t comply with the contract.

  • Is the painting contractor transparent with their contracts?

Since hiring a professional to get the painting work for interiors, exteriors and fencing is a pricy affair; it is best to jot down the nitty-gritty of the job in a legally binding contract. It not only allows to set the right expectation of these professional painting contractors but also set terms of the entire painting work – what is and isn’t included, timelines for the individual sections of the house, budget considerations, quality of supplies and materials used. All of these details are crucial to making sure you are clear of your goals for them, and they are clear of the expectation and the final finish. Clear paperwork means no ambiguity or confusions after signing on the dotted line.

  • Do they come with positive reviews and references?

A good word of mouth from an unbiased happy customer weighs positively towards choosing a particular painting contractor in Melbourne. It is reaffirming if they are willing to show reviews and testimonials, or actual references that you can talk to and ask around. Positive reviews are a reflection of the painting contractors honesty, integrity and dedication to their craft.

  • Will they share the details of paint materials and supplies they will use on the job?

When it comes to painting supplies, there are myriad options to choose from. There’s a whole range with respect to final finish quality, cost factors, colour schemes, designs, paint warranty and so on. It is important to discuss these details upfront, to check whether they align with your expectation and to confirm whether the same supplies are used as committed.

We at Dream Homes Painting and Decorating are proud to be ticking all of these boxes. A painting contractor in Melbourne with a long list of satisfied customers ready to give referrals, most of the business come through word-of-mouth. We are licensed to work on both residential and commercial painting services in Melbourne. Drawing up transparent contracts that factor in all the details – the scope of work, type of painting materials and supplies, timeline, the cost of services, is our way of walking the talk. When you hire us, you can be at peace at choosing an insured company, that has years of well-honed experience and a committed team of highly skilled craftspeople to deliver exceptional quality of services. Connect with us for free consultation and estimate.

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Clients Testimonials

Highly recommended to everyone one, Great professional painting team, they delivered a fantastic job in my investment house which was seriously damaged by previous tenant. Amir and Ronnie delivered the job sooner than expected with a very high quality, Price was reasonable ( much cheaper than big name companies quoted the job for me) and…

Aidin Montazami

Can’t thank the team enough for working around the clock to get the house painted in a record time!

Ali Scott

I used Dream Home Painting Service to paint the interior and parts of the exterior of our house before selling our property. In addition to painting Ronnie was able to patch up the plaster and replace damaged timber work in the eaves of the house. I was very impressed with the quality and overall finish…

Anne Heskett

I engaged Ronnie from Dream Home Painting to repaint the interior of my house. Ronnie was prompt for every appointment, helpful with the colour choice and even came to do the job earlier than expected which was a bonus! The whole job was completed in one day with minimal disruption and no mess or spills.…

Carmel Bell

Ronnie and Amir from Dream Homes Painting were wonderful to deal with. They were punctual and took the time to listen to what needed to be done and I found them both to be extremely polite and obliging. They took great care and pride in their work and their paint work was of excellent quality.…

Lillian Borzillo

Ronnie and Amir were engaged by the owners to re-paint all the exterior surfaces of four villa units in Canterbury at a very reasonable price. As one of owners, I cannot fault their service and workmanship. All appointments were kept, they turned up as arranged and the painting cannot be faulted in any way. They…

Reginald Norris

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