5 Reasons You Should Invest in Residential Exterior Painting

The elevation of the house is the first visual image, and it creates a strong first impression of the house, in general, sets the stage for the style and design of the interiors. Much thought is put to create a visually appealing design that complements functionality. Residential exterior painting surfaces regardless of the material used to build it are protected by the weather-resistant coating of paint over the sidings, fascia, soffit and all other elements of the exteriors.

Maintaining the residential exterior painting surface in good condition helps to improve the curb view appeal of the house. It reflects your personality as one of good upkeep, elegance and good standing within the community.

Exterior house painting is a sound investment to make if as homeowners, you are looking for a transformation or interested in putting it up for sale on the market.

As one of the preferred exterior house painters in Melbourne, we want to elicit reasons to convince you to invest in residential exterior painting.

  • Increasing your home valuation in the real estate market.

If you are interested in selling your home, exterior house painting is a great investment that proves its worth immediately. Over time your house exteriors weathers due to natural elements, with paint that peels and fades, if you sell as it is, you wouldn’t get the best market price for it. But investing in exterior house painting has proved to increase your home market price by 10% – Isn’t that great news? Guaranteed return on investment!

  • Give your home a fabulous makeover to mark something special or celebrate a milestone.

Just as personal makeovers are transformational, creating a sense of new and replenishes your energy, residential exterior painting along with interior painting replenishes the energy within the home. Many homeowners love to do-up their home exteriors by painting with new colour schemes or designs which enhances the visual appeal and also freshens up as a mark of celebration.

  • Exterior house painting reveals structural and safety issues.

Home exteriors painting uses a different range of paint supplies that are engineered to withstand the natural elements and provides a protecting coating over the structural material. And so, while repainting the exteriors, the painters will have to go over the entire exterior for prepping the surfaces. During this process, any surface with faded paint or any rotten wood or mould will be revealed. These would probably lead to costlier repairs if not caught early on.

  • Residential exterior painting is an inexpensive renovation option.

As long time homeowners, you might wish to redecorate and renovate your home to give it a new look. Reconstruction could cost a lot; instead, painting as a decorative option is an inexpensive renovation to give a whole new look to your home.

  • Exterior house painting has hit its expiration date.

It is probably the most usual reason that warrants a new coat of exterior house painting. They too eventually have an expiration date. Due to heat, temperature changes, rain and snow, the painted surfaces undergo extreme stress and get faded and jaded, leaving the structural material underneath unprotected. A fresh coat of exterior house painting will replenish the protective layers.

Choose dependable and in-demand residential exterior house painters in Melbourne

We provide excellent exterior house painting services, with a focus on preparing the surfaces to ensure the painted surface finish is of superior quality and endures for years to come. As a team of skilled, well-experienced craftspeople, we take immense pride in a job well-done that guarantees high-level customer satisfaction. Using scaffolding and ladders is unavoidable in residential exterior painting, and we protect our employees and our clients with comprehensive insurance, so you can be at peace while painting the exteriors of your house. Connect with us today for free consultation and estimate.


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